Tips for Selecting the Best Lipstick

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A resident of San Francisco, Marissa Shipman has over a decade of experience in the cosmetics business. Marissa Shipman currently serves as the CEO of theBalm Cosmetics, which she founded in 2004.

theBalm Cosmetics offers a full line of beauty products, including the popular Meet Matt(E) Hughes line of long-lasting liquid lipstick. As its name implies, Meet Matt(E) Hughes features a matte finish, while each of the 18 shades is named after a positive personality trait, such as charming or committed. For shoppers looking for the perfect shade of lipstick, experts recommend the following.

When choosing a lipstick color, shoppers should select a shade that goes well with the natural color of their lips and skin tone. Rose and red shades are recommended for pale skin, brown and red for olive skin, orange and brown for a warm skin tone, and pink and purple for a cool skin tone. Nude lipstick shades should be slightly brighter, but still similar, to the natural skin tone. Lipstick texture is also an important factor to consider. Creamy textures are recommended for those with full lips, while sheer textures are best for adding fullness to lips on the thinner side.