Unique Ways to Support Project Glimmer


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Project Glimmer
Image: projectglimmer.org

As founder and chief executive officer of theBalm Cosmetics, Marissa Shipman works directly with her team on product creation, social media, and sales operations. Outside of her responsibilities with theBalm, Marissa Shipman maintains a seat on the board with Project Glimmer, a non-profit organization that provides female-oriented gifts for teenagers and women in need.

As it works to serve women in 30 states across the United States, Project Glitter welcomes the support of community members who can get involved in a number of unique ways. To help make the organization’s work possible, individuals can host Glimmer Drives, which are similar to toy drives but focus instead on the gifting of women’s products. During these events, attendees can donate jewelry, beauty products, and accessories, which the host will then package and ship to Project Glitter.

Community members can also support Project Glitter by hosting a Donate Your Birthday event. Using the organization’s online tools, individuals can establish fundraisers that last for the duration of their birthday month. Setup is easy with the organization’s pre-made fundraiser page templates and electronic campaign notification services. Through this online portal, hosts’ family, friends, and acquaintances can make monetary donations that will help them reach their ultimate fundraising goal.