Eyeshadow Palettes from theBalm Cosmetics

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Eyeshadow Palettes
Image: thebalm.com

Marissa Shipman founded theBalm Cosmetics in 2004 and has spent nearly 14 years leading the company as its chief executive officer. In her role with the San Francisco cosmetics developer, Marissa Shipman oversees the creation and branding of all products.

One of the latest offerings of theBalm is its Nude Beach eye shadow palette, comprising 12 unique shades that are ideal for warm-weather wear. The palette features daring shades, such as Breathtaking and Bodacious.

All eye shadow shades have been developed with triple-milled pigments that provide a satiny texture and can be applied either wet or dry. Popular eye shadow offerings include the Nude Tude and Nude Dude palettes, the Meet Matt(e) Trimony eye shadow palette, and the Overshadows line of all-mineral eye shadows. Complete product details, including a full list of the cruelty-free ingredients used to make the eye shadows, can be found at www.thebalm.com.